Antalya Park

Antalya Park: Creative Playground Designs and Installation

Indoor Playground Equipment Supplier

Antalya Park, a renowned company known for its successful projects, has designed, manufactured, provided logistics support, and completed the installation of the Qatar indoor playground project, delivering it to its customer. This project has been successfully completed and includes exciting games such as Moly JumpChallenge Trampoline, Performance Trampoline, RunFIDShoot RunClimbing WallFoam PitChallenge Wall, Wipe-OutAir Bag, Battle Beam, and Zipline.

The playground project produced by Antalya Park has been manufactured in compliance with international ASTM and EN codes. The raw materials used possess non-toxic and fire-retardant properties. As a result, the playground, designed in accordance with safety standards, provides users with a fun and secure experience.

If you are considering opening a trampoline park or indoor playground business, you can get in touch with Antalya Park's expert team. The sales consultants will provide you with detailed information about the processes and offer consultancy services throughout the entire process, ensuring an excellent partnership. Antalya Park, as a leading company in the industry, has completed over 2000 indoor playground projects in more than 65 countries. With its geopolitical position, Antalya Park is capable of delivering products and providing installation services anywhere in the world, supported by its technical team. Thanks to the contribution of Turkey's successful engineers and production workforce, Antalya Park offers superior quality at competitive prices compared to the global market.

Trampoline Park Manufacturer

Through the AR-GE studies conducted by its successful engineers, Antalya Park has introduced innovative games integrated with technology to the industry. As the manufacturer and supplier of indoor playground equipment, they continue to work on enhancing interactive electronic games day by day.

Antalya Park aims to maximize customer satisfaction with its unique and experiential playgrounds. With its quality products, expert team, and technology-integrated innovations, Antalya Park is ready to create the perfect indoor playground for you.

If you are interested in a soft play area or trampoline park, you may click to contact our expert sales department.