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Here Comes our new product RunFID

Redefining Entertainment with Innovative Technology: RunFID offers an enhanced entertainment experience

RunFID elevates the entertainment experience by traditional entertainment with its innovative technology. 
RFID integration makes the entertainment area smart and interactive. Through challenges, it enhances the level of exciting competition among visitors, providing personalized experiences while allowing your business to reach potential customers. Additionally, it facilitates easy registration using RFID wristbands. The rankings on the score table after visitors complete the course lead to new challenges and thrilling competitions.

RunFID is a multiplayer game. The game is interactive soft play with obstacles that provide challenge, excitement, competition, and entertainment. The players must scan their bracelets to checkpoints. The goal of the game is to complete the course as fast as possible.

How to play?

The players get an RFID bracelet to register. The game starts when all the players make their registration in the RFID system. Players enter the Runfıd area and have to climb, slide and pass obstacles in order to find the octagonal checkpoints as fast as possible. Some checkpoints are easy and others are more difficult to find. When the game is over, players' scores automatically appear on the scoreboard. In this way, players can see the scores of all players on the big screen on the playing field.

Antalya Park can design, produce and install RunFID in any area of your playground.

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