Moly Jump

Interactive Electronic Games

Products Highlights

65" Ultra 4k TV - Realistic gaming experience in high definition
Fluent gaming experience powered by high-power processor
Augmented reality sensation (AR) with sensor (Motion Capture)
Soundbar (3D Surround Sound Experience)
Long-lasting use with the Case Cooling system
Reinforced screen protection with 6mm Tempered Glass
Ultra-quiet system
The system that is not affected by instantaneous voltage changes with a current-protected system (Electronic component protection)

Slim case and stable system
Opportunity to watch the game from outside with one more TV connection
Variety with 5 different games
Eye-catching design with LED lights

Moly Jump Focuses on the Future of Sports and Electronic Games!

Moly Jump is the new trend in the entertainment centers industry. Moly Jump is an interactive game platform that includes five original games. The games of Moly Jump are fantastic for both children and adults. The different games offer fun and challenging and everybody loves to jump. Jumping is combined with technology and safe fun, for everyone! The Moly Jump gives trampoline parks an enormous, innovative boost! The game can be integrated into trampoline parks.

The Moly Jump game platform helps children socialize and be active. It encourages exercise and stimulates children's fun in jumping, thereby promoting mental and physical health. A variety of game choices in the software game center, not only provide an activity but also provide multiple levels of activities to attract children.

Games contain plenty of different levels. It's possible to add a Moly Jump in an indoor playground, trampoline parks, or family entertainment center. As an interactive game, Moly Jump is an innovativation for your family entertainment center. The game can be integrated into trampoline parks. It is possible to add the Moly Jump to an existing trampoline park as an extension.

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