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Investment Opportunity for Indoor Play Areas

Indoor play areas provide children with a safe environment to have fun, while offering enjoyable and social experiences for families. The manufacturing of family entertainment centers is a globally recognized industry due to these reasons. As a leading brand in the indoor play area manufacturing sector, Antalya Park presents investors with a unique and profitable business opportunity. Antalya Park transforms the idea of operating an indoor play area into successful projects by developing custom design solutions. In addition to planning and opening new play areas, the company assists existing indoor play area businesses in expanding and reaching potential customers. If you are searching for the best indoor playground areas for your entertainment center, Antalya Park and its expert team are ready to provide customized solutions.

For the specific area where you want to open an indoor play area, Antalya Park creates and assembles project-based play area solutions with a professional team. All project stages, including design, production, testing, and assembly, are carried out at the company's 7000 m2 production facilities in Antalya, Turkey. We are eager to share our dedication to our work with you, and therefore, we invite you to visit our factory.

As an indoor playground manufacturer, Antalya Park offers safe and durable entertainment solutions. Our products adhere to high-quality standards, producing long-lasting and secure indoor play areas. We follow international standards (ASTM/EN1176/EN1177) in our manufacturing process. All our raw materials provide superior safety features, such as being non-toxic, fire-retardant, and anti-climbing.

The company also stands out as a successful Soft Play and Trampoline Park manufacturer in the industry. With thousands of references, Antalya Park has proven to be one of the largest players in trampoline area production and soft play manufacturing. As an indoor play area manufacturer, Antalya Park has successfully executed over 2000 projects in more than 65 countries on 5 continents.

Antalya Park designs family entertainment centers according to your market segmentation strategies, ensuring that your play area appeals to all family members. Through the production of family entertainment centers, you can provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children, offering peace and comfort to parents. If you are searching for the best indoor playground areas for your entertainment center, Antalya Park and its expert team are ready to provide customized solutions. Contact our expert sales team to create a family entertainment center where children and families can create unforgettable memories.

Thanks to the efforts of our R&D engineers, our innovative electronic games play a crucial role in reaching all potential customers. Through our Interactive Electronic Games designed to cater to indoor play area customers, we redefine traditional entertainment by integrating the latest technology. Antalya Park has become a leading brand, surpassing global competitors in terms of cost advantages due to its geopolitical location. 

Why Choose Antalya Park for Indoor Playground Manufacturing?

Design Expertise

At Antalya Park, our design team, comprised of interior architects, engineers, and graphic experts, customizes each project with a unique indoor playground design. Collaborating with you, our specialized design team ensures the most efficient layout for your space, creating the ideal form ready for production. Using 3D designs, neon lights, energetic music, and electronic games, we diversify your entertainment center, contributing to an increased demand.

High-Quality Standards

We prioritize the safety of children and families by using durable materials and implementing safety measures that adhere to high-quality standards. The option of galvanized coating also makes the construction suitable for outdoor spaces.

Project-Specific Personalized Solutions

We contribute to giving your business a unique identity by offering customized design and manufacturing solutions to our customers. We enable you to create a concept in your desired themes and colors, facilitating the production of indoor play areas that align with your corporate identity.

Innovation and Technology

Our interactive electronic games, developed through the efforts of our R&D engineers, combine the latest technology with traditional entertainment, ensuring you attract the interest of potential customers more than your competitors. Managing your space with ease and providing a systematic approach to data flow is now made simple with our innovative solutions that draw attention to the selective demands of your customers.

International Standards

We conduct our manufacturing based on international ASTM standards. All our products possess non-toxic, fire-retardant, and anti-climb features. We ensure compliance with certificates coded as EN – 1177 and EN – 1176 during the production process.