High-9 Duo

High-9 Duo

Product Highlights

» Compelling & Motivational
High-9 is a true vertical challenge using multifaceted mouldings to engage on three levels. Players score points with every correct hit, competing individually, or directly against another player(High-9 Duo) to build a huge score.

» Eye Catching & Unique
High-9 is a stand-out feature, guaranteed to create a buzz. Match the moulding colours to your park design, pick the formation and let the battle commence.

» Competitive Challenge
A vertical challenge game where players fight for height! Whether the aim is to beat your own score, or climb to the top of the leaderboard, High-9 excites players and keeps them coming back.

» Make It Social
Players love to see their success and ‘sky-high scores’ on social media – perfect for reposting and re-tweeting.

» Durable
High-9 is designed to be robust and offer trouble-free operation. Bullet-proof and easy swap-out LED pods and indestructible body-shell.Extended warranty options available.