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Turkey s Largest Amusement Venue: Indoor Playground Project Completed in Uşak

Enhanced Fun from Trampoline Park Manufacturer Antalya Park

The enclosed play area within the Child City living space in Uşak, Turkey, has been developed to provide children and families with a safe environment for enjoying together. A domestic solution has been devised to support Turkish Engineering and Turkish Producers, with Antalya Park indoor playground manufacturer being selected as the project's solution partner for indoor playground equipment. Designed and manufactured by Turkish architects and engineers, the installation has been completed.

The enclosed playground project, where children can safely have fun, also offers a pleasant and social experience for families over time. Within the entertainment center, various activities and interactive electronic games support children's mental and physical development. The play areas that facilitate collaborative learning include various equipment where children can expend their energy, socialize, and enhance motor skills. Developed in five separate sections, the play area consists of the Trampoline Area, Soft Play Area, Toddler Area, Laser Tag, and the RunFID Area, integrating RFID technology into traditional obstacle course entertainment, offering different activities for different age groups.

Indoor Playground Manufacturer Antalya Park Completes Production of Uşak Entertainment Area Project

Trampoline Park

Thanks to the Trampoline Park Manufacturing, an exciting and healthy entertainment is now available for all family members in Uşak. The extensive play area, designed based on standards developed by international authorities (ASTM EN-1176 / EN-1177), provides a safe environment for jumping and moving. Through physical activity, it contributes to increased calorie burning, supporting cardiovascular health. Within the trampoline area, activities such as Challenge Trampoline, Foam Pit, Trampoline Basketball, and Interactive Challenge Wall, developed by Antalya Park's young R&D team, encourage effort and promote muscle toning, while providing enhanced entertainment. Additionally, jumping inherently improves balance and coordination. Gathering with family and friends to spend time together strengthens social relationships and fosters team spirit. The exercise activity increases endorphin levels and indirectly affects mood improvement by reducing stress.

Soft Play Area

The exciting world of children comes to life in the soft play area. The floor and course created with soft materials provide children with opportunities for exploration while also helping to improve their physical health. Developed through Soft Play Manufacturing, the course with three separate floors attracts attention with its various difficulty levels of obstacles and steps on each floor, ensuring children have an enjoyable time. The maze structure increases children's exploration desires and develops their sense of direction while providing a fun experience. Additionally, various activities and colorful ball pools allow children to form different friendships and develop social skills. Various activities such as Tower Slide, Palm Tree, Carousels, and Magic Ball in the soft play area enhance children's enjoyment while offering them a pleasant time. The Uşak Children's Play and Entertainment Area stands out as a unique space where children can unleash their imagination and have fun playing together.

Toddler Area

The Toddler Area provides children with an ideal soft play area where they can have fun in a safe environment while also learning. This special course allows toddlers to socialize and includes various interactive electronic games. Sponge blocks, building blocks, and magnetic cubes within the course allow toddlers to create soft structured objects, enhancing their creativity. Additionally, with the production of the Carousel within the play area project, toddlers spend enjoyable times and also have the opportunity to discover themselves with the fun activities offered by the course. The Toddler Area promotes a healthy lifestyle by allowing toddlers to both have fun and exercise, contributing to their physical and mental development while prioritizing their happiness and safety.

Laser Tag

For thrill-seekers, Laser Tag offers a competitive entertainment experience! Designed using the latest innovations in modern technology, this game provides an adrenaline-filled adventure. As the supplier of Laser Tag, Antalya Park transforms panels into unique works of art, using special paints that are visible in ultraviolet light and emit special glitters. Laser Tag is a group game that allows players to test their strategy, speed, and skills. It involves aiming at opponents with laser equipment and guns, engaging in a fun battle for victory. Set in a dark environment with panels filled with special effects with ultraviolet lights, the area where opponents are disabled with laser guns is an exciting space. The Laser Tag area is equipped with the latest technology equipment and fully compliant with safety standards. Suitable for all age groups, this game offers a perfect entertainment option for families and friend groups.

RunFID Area

Ideal for adrenaline enthusiasts, the RunFID Area stands out as a 2-story course equipped with RFID technology. The course, designed for both children and adults, is filled with various activities such as climbing, hanging, sliding, rolling, and crawling. RFID wristbands worn by users throughout the course are scanned by readers at control points, determining how long it takes users to complete the course. Each user's score is displayed on the score screen, creating a competitive environment suitable for group races and family activities. The RunFID entertainment area is also equipped with other electronic games. Interactive electronic games such as Dance Go Lights and NGo Lights, where the score is determined by turning off lights more than opponents, allow guests to have a fun time.