How to Start an Indoor Playground Business

How to Start an Indoor Playground Business

Become our business partner to bring children and families together with a fun and safe indoor playground, contributing to the profitability and sustainability of your investment. Let's achieve success together!

Stages of Indoor Playground Manufacturing

Business Idea Development

Taking the first step to become a partner with Antalya Park is very easy! Our expert sales team collaborates with you to develop the evolution of your business idea for a design and manufacturing process tailored to your needs.

Completion of Playground Industrial Design

Your sales representative, design engineer, and a collaborative team finalize the details of your playground's design. Once the design is completed, a presentation is developed, decisions on the details of the play area are finalized, and revisions are made to reach the final project.

Project Planning

The entire project is planned, including all stages and dates, to move on to the first phase of production.

Technical Drawing

Our project team creates technical drawings to start the production of the indoor play area. The entire process is systematically supervised, following international standards developed by authorities.


Production begins by adhering to various standards, including ASTM and EN-1176 EN-1177. The process starts with the production of the structural framework and is completed with test assembly. All manufactured playground components are cleaned, packaged, and stored, ready for logistics.


Products are shipped to the location of the indoor play area based on logistics details and dates agreed upon jointly with the customer.

Installation and Training

After logistics completion, our technical team arrives at the site, and installation begins. Once installation is completed, necessary training and documentation are provided, making the indoor play area ready for opening.

Antalya Park stands out as a leading company in the field of indoor playground manufacturer. With the aim of bringing children and families together, they design and manufacture fun and safe play areas. In addition to Trampoline Park Manufacturer, Soft Play Manufacturer, and Toddler Area Manufacturer, they also specialize in Family Entertainment Center Manufacturer. Providing comprehensive support to business partners, Antalya Park assists in turning their business ideas into reality. The expert sales team at Antalya Park guides business partners in the development stage of their ideas, creating customized indoor play areas tailored to their specific needs. The play areas, produced in compliance with international standards, demonstrate full compatibility with safety standards set by authorities such as ASTM and EN-1176 EN-1177. Indoor play areas, made from materials with features like anti-climb, fire retardant, and non-toxic properties, are fully compliant with all safety standards. Antalya Park not only delivers a playground but also offers extensive support for investors to establish and operate a successful business. If you already own a playground business, you can integrate Antalya Park's innovative interactive electronic games to reach potential customers in a more engaging way.