Product Highlights

»The donut slide; the winter and snow reminder

 ANTALYAPARK reminds the winter season in the most exciting way. Thus, children don't have to wait for winter to skate from the top of a hill. The donut slide has different elements on the floor of the slide which makes it more slippery.

Sliders or kids will slide down from the top of the donut slide by memorizing them the donuts as a sledge.



The slide is connected in a softplay structure or installed seperately with stairs. Due to content and safety standards(EN1177-1176),

The required unit length is minimum 20 meters.


ANTALYAPARK strictly follow EN-1176-1177 rules which are regulated for playcentres safe and equipments contents.Each element is checked before the installation in factory testing area to prevent any problems.



5 years warranty and maintaince