Professional Trampoline Park Manufacturer

Our company Antalya Park is a professional trampoline park manufacturer in Turkey. Trampoline parks are dangerous play areas if they are not manufactured comply with standarts. Because players jump with high velocities and allways they have risks to impact eachother.

To prevent this impact, areas must be designed and installed comply with standarts. For trampoline parks oldest and main standart is ASTM F 2970 - 15. In this standart all details are indicated. Forexample if you jump in to a foam pit players must be warn to prevent diving with head. Because diving with head may cause serious injuries.

Professional Trampoline Park Manufacturer
Professional Trampoline Park Manufacturer

For example when you jump in to foam pit you have a risk to impact to the other side of the foam pit wall. To prevent this impact the other side wall must be 240 inches or around 600cm.

These rules are the results of ten years of experiences in trampoline park areas. If you have any questions please do not hessitate contact us

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