Indoor Soft Playground Design

Indoor playgrounds function is same to indoor sports halls.

And it meets the entertainment and learning needs of children against all kinds of weather conditions.

Indoor soft play playgrounds show intensity in places such as shopping malls and restaurants.

Indoor playgrounds are made for children to have fun and useful time during the time periods when parents want to spend individual time.

In the soft playground design, optimum comfort conditions must be provided in order to the needs of children.

Controlling the physical environmental conditions determines the quality of the area by level up the comfort of the children to the desired level.

Paying attention to physical environmental conditions during the design process provides maximum comfort, it ensures that children spend maximum energy.

Physical environmental conditions are handled in 3 groups as visual comfort, auditory comfort, and thermal comfort.

Visual comfort: natural and artificial lighting, color, texture, material;

Auditory comfort: noise, sound insulation;

Thermal comfort: includes environmental conditions such as ventilation, humidity, air quality, heating.

In order to meet the requirements of the children and to create optimum comfort conditions in the indoor soft play playground, the physical environmental conditions must be appropriate to the necessary qualities.

Thus, Safe design will be provided by considering the conditions in indoor playgrounds.

Children will spend maximum energy in secure indoor play area that doesn't harm their health.

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