Antalya Park

Germany G20 Project

Here Comes, RUNFID

This playground includes many different activities and games for children. The G20 project includes advanced fun with an RFID system. As a premium quality indoor playground supplier, we designed, manufactured, and installed that project in compliance with ASTM and the most strict European regulations EN1176 and EN1177. During projection, we followed ASTM rules and complied with international standards. 

Soft Play Manufacturer

All materials used are certified fire-resistant and retardant.

As always we take care of the strict safety rules. Hope this will bring safe fun and happiness to kids. Recently opened, the park already has a lot of visitors, and they are happy to have the opportunity to spend time as a whole family. As manufacturers of this beautiful park, we wish them to enjoy their time in the best way.

Below you may find a 3D design and some installation photos.

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