Soft Play Equipment Manufacturer Company in Turkey

Antalya Park is the biggest Soft Play Equipment and Adventure Park Manufacturer in Antalya/Turkey.

Why Antalya Park?

  • Antalya Park manufactures high quality soft play equipment using premium quality Turkish raw materials
  • Antalya Park manufactures economical indoor playgrounds using low cost Turkish raw materials
  • Antalya Park can do customised designing for each customer
  • Antalya Park can load its products with advantageous shipping cost
  • Antalya Park can provide installation service all over the world

soft play equipment manufacturer

Our company, Antalya Park Soft Play has 2 production factories (Antalya City and Bursa City) factories with the biggest capacity in Eastern Europe and Middle East areas.

Antalya Park is the leading indoor playground systems and adventure park manufacturer  in Antalya/Turkey. Our company produces premium quality indoor play systems (Soft Play Playgrounds, Adventure Park, Ball Pools, Trampolines). We are looking for reliable resellers all over the world.

We have no limits in the design and manufacturing skills. We can do designs that can meet all our customers expectations. Please tell us your dreams and we are here to make your them come true.

As you probably know, Europen manufacturer's prices are so high and Chinese quality is so low. This is a very big problem in softplay industry. Antalya Park's products are the solution of this general problem. We manufacture the items using Turkish raw materials which are as qualitied as Europens but as economical as Chinese.

If you have the possibility to visit Turkey we can show you some of our installed 2-3 years old soft play systems which seems like new.  Our products have good resistence to the sunlight.

90-95% of the Turkish customers choose Turkish softplay manufacturer's goods because of their advantages related to the quality and cost . In Turkey, 60-70% of installed big size systems are manufactured by our company.

Most of the biggest shopping centers, restaurants, premium grade hotels are using our indoor playgrounds.

Soft play equipment manufacturing starts with projecting. Firstly, we make a 3D design for our customer's area, After projecting,  we start manufacturing in conformity with EU Standards. We can provide installation service all over the World.

Parents prefer our products for their safety, because our professional engineers test all products manufactured at our factory. Every detail is checked regarding to EN 1176 Safety Standards.

Soft Play Manufacturer
Turkish Soft Play Manufacturer

Soft Play Equipment. Adventure Park Manufacturer Company

Antalya Park is the leading Soft Play Equipment  and Adventure Park Manufacturer company in Antalya/Turkey. We manufacture premium quality indoor play systems (Soft Play Playgrounds, Adventure Parks,  Ball Pools, Trampolines). We are looking for realible resellers all over the world.

Soft play equipment and Adventure Park Manufacturer company Antalya Park produces  premium quality safe playground systems. In our soft systems kids are our of risk of being injured by running or dropping. Every detail is checked by our professional controllers.

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