Why are important playgrounds for kids?

Playing games is an important need for children of all ages. The children who come together in the playgrounds take the first steps to become a social individual in the society with the communication they establish among themselves. Playgrounds also contribute to children's psychological and physiological development. At this point, it is very important to carry out correct design, correct application, correct planning, and adequate maintenance work in playground arrangements. Children's playgrounds can comprise some parking areas, as well as cover the entire area. Successful children's playgrounds offer opportunities for children's different needs and physical challenges.

Education is not only limited to schools but also an activity that continues in non-school areas. Among them, playgrounds, positive self-development in terms of the acceptable consumption of excess energy of children, cognitive, self-confidence and success of the child, psychological, discovery of talents, control of strength, physical, etc. is of great importance for their development. In order to develop

these skills, playgrounds are needed to allow children to learn something new.

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