What is the trampoline?

Trampoline is a sports and entertainment device created by the jumping area that provides interconnection with springs in an installed frame.

The trampoline, which is scored with artistic movements, is also included in the Olympic games.

Trampolines have rectangular, square and round types that are produced according to different age groups.

It was first made in 1910.

The history of rolling over in the air by jumping on a springy ground goes back hundreds of years.

The trampoline was not very popular until the 20th century, when it became a favorite show performed by circus acrobats.

US gymnast George Nissen developed the modern trampoline sport in 1936

It is an excellent gymnastic and entertainment tool with disciplining the body and brain for children and adults who love running, jumping and having fun.

It is beneficial for children's body development and height growth.

Trampoline strengthens joints and muscles and tendons around the joint, and support to relaxation and sleep.

It helps increase performance and awareness in a shorter time than long-term body exercises.

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