What does the trampoline do?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Generally seen as an entertainment tool for children, the trampoline is now a trend that goes into the radar of the elders who want to lose weight. The trampoline, which was originally made in 1910, is a tool frequently used especially in the Olympic races.

The device, which has many sizes from large to small, serves to jump and roll over the springy floor. Also, circus acrobats have a damp place in the show. Trampoline, which can be used by anyone who likes jumping, somersault, running, walking, in short, doing sports, is a great gym equipment that strengthens the body and improves the brain.

What does the trampoline do? It is possible to weaken and stay fit with trampoline movements. This device, which is used in many sports centers today, is ideal for jumping with music instructors. It strengthens not only the legs but also the arm muscles as they are hand movements while jumping. 10-15 minute exercises a day makes it easier to burn calories. Since it stimulates the lymphatic system by splashing, it makes it easier to remove toxins, increases energy and protects the joints. It is also very useful for cardiovascular health.

Is trampoline harmful? In order not to be damaged by the trampoline, if you have a herniated disc and similar condition, you should definitely consult the doctor and apply the movements determined by a specialist sports coach.

It is important to do warm-up movements just like any other sport before doing trampolines, which can cause muscle cramps because it is a sport that burns calories quickly and warms the body quickly. You should start yourself without getting too tired and speed up after slow relaxation and warm-up movements.

Those who are weakened by trampolines, which is an activity that can be performed not only in the gym but also at home or in the park, can lose weight not only regionally but also from their entire body. The most known and applied movement of the trampoline is the "jumping jack", that is, the jump movement by opening the arms and legs. What muscles does the trampoline work? It works the joints, muscles and tendons around the joint. It provides strengthening and muscle formation by working most legs, leg muscles. It is as useful sport as walking, running, pilates and yoga. With the trampoline, movements can be made to help the whole body get into shape.

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