Preparations for coronavirus in indoor soft play playgrounds...

Normalization steps are being taken all over the World gradually, this means that the restrictions on our indoor soft playground industry will be lifted soon. Taking appropriate measures could mean that your indoor soft playground business could make more profitable profit in the next few months. What should we do to protect our indoor soft playgrounds from coronavirus danger?

1-) Professional cleaning and purification. This is the most important point that will benefit you, your guests and your employees. Profound cleaning measures to consider are cover steam cleaning and purifying just as expertly cleaning all structures not part or your ordinary sanitation measures. Steam cleaners and other business machines can reach fracture that typical cleaning measures can't, subsequently offering better quality of cleaning. Another important issue to consider is antimicrobial cleaners. These professional cleaners are EPA registered and FDA approved for food contact surfaces. It is colorless, odorless and non-toxic for humans and animals. These prevent microbes, bacteria and pathogens from sticking to any treated surface. Traditional disinfectants are effective for seconds and, although a reactionary solution, antimicrobial coating systems constantly fight microbes and prevent their development. Take videos and photos during all these disinfection procedures and share them with your guests via email and social media. In this way, you can gain the trust of your customers more easily!

2-) Apply cleaning procedure to your guests come to indoor soft playground Due to the COVID-19 virus, we have to disinfect the indoor soft playground several times a day with wipes and ask guests to wash their hands and use disinfectants before entering the indoor soft play playground and leaving the indoor soft playground. We should also add hand sanitizer stations and leave more wipes than what customers want for their use.  We should inform our guests for coronavirus in the counseling welcoming indoor soft play area and say that they can use disinfectants inside. And we should stimulate to our employees about visual examination of the child. If there are any visible (runny nose that’s not clear liquid, rash, etc) or audible (cough, etc) signs of illness-- that child should not be admitted to play in soft play playground. In addition to publishing professional cleaning process on social media and your website, print your cleaning procedure.  Hang them on the wall, place on the outer doors and make them visible at the welcoming indoor soft play area. In this way, your guests will see that you have adopted cleaning measures and are stable in this regard.  They will feel confident that they are along with healthy people in a clean and disinfected indoor soft play area.

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