Indoor Playground Manufacturer Antalya Park

Antalya Park is the biggest indoor playground manufacturer in Turkey. It manufactures premium quality grade indoor playgrounds in Antalya City of Turkey. Starting from the design stage and ends with installation stage follows EN 1176 and EN 1177 standarts for kids safety.

In design stage first priority is safety. All our designers experienced about standarts and use all EN 1176 rules in their designs. When they finish the design they sent it to the projecting department engineers for cross check if the design meet all standart rules or not. If all points comply with the standarts than they allow design team to send the design to our sales represantatives. If any point is not comply with standart they ask a revision from our designers. When all completed design may be sent to customer.

In our production all department control previous departments operation. If they find any incorrect operation they prepare a correction form and reserve the good for correcting. As an indoor playground manufacturer we apply latest control in test installation before shipment to our customers adress.

After test installation we pack the goods and load in a container with a check list to ship correctly.

When the goods are arrived at our cutomers area we send our technicians for installation. Our installation technicians do installation with our project departments installation drawing. After installation we do a cross check and finish it.

Now its ready for kids fun :)

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