If you want to set up a trampoline park, what should you consider first?

Firstly begin by determining the location. You can choose indoor or outdoor for the trampoline park you will install.

If you choose outdoor, sheltered equipment will be added accordingly, making it resistant to weather conditions such as rain. Apart from this, your location can be in the mall, in a large entertainment center, in a small kindergarten, in the entertainment area within the hotel etc. Trampoline parks can be preferred in many areas.

Be sure to determine which age groups you want to serve at the location you choose because this will positively affect your profitability. In this case, before creating your trampoline park, it would be wise to conduct a research on the age groups and preferences of the people in your chosen location and the age ranges and preferences of the groups that can come from places close to this location. If you have a large area and don't have the possibility to search more, addressing all age groups, will increase the number of people preferring you instead of your possible opponents.

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