Hyper trendy, the trampoline is excellent for fitness and the lymphatic system!

Jumping is a fun way to exercise and keep in shape. Even adults find a lot of benefits! Trampoline has been proven to have positive effects on body and mind. You burn calories and strengthen your muscles, without feeling like you're exercising and without hurting your joints. That's why this low-impact workout is becoming more and more popular. Jump at the opportunity!

What is rebounding?

Forget about somersaults, jumps and incredible acrobatic tricks! Rebounding consists of performing small jumps on a trampoline. During your bounces, your feet don't leave the canvas or move 15 cm away from it, at most. This exercise works the whole body: muscles, bones, tendons and cells.

Tested and approved by NASA

The US Space Agency has validated its effectiveness. By training on a trampoline, astronauts returning from a mission recovered the bone mass they had lost due to the change in gravity. NASA also found that rebounding was more effective than running and more gentle on the body. So it's perfect at any age!

Which trampoline to choose?

Of course, nothing prevents you from using your children's trampoline, but robust trampolines with metal springs are ideal.

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