How is the indoor trampoline park promoted and marketed?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The trampoline park business may interest many potential customers through customer segmentation, which involves planning different events for different demographics throughout the day and week. For example, a trampoline park can offer morning fitness class, afternoon fitness class, after-school kids club and a league from different sports branches in the evening. Where the target audience spends time, each class, club or league should be promoted. Libraries, health clubs, parks, recreation centers, coffee shops and similar organizations may be willing to allow a trampoline park to prepare brochures about the class, club or league. How to make customers come back? These classes, clubs,and leagues can help turn one-time guests into external recurring customers because events encourage them to sign up for multiple sessions. Still, it can be very difficult to reach potential customers who have not gone to a trampoline park to register for several sessions at a time. To gain new customers outside the door, truly new experiences must be offered in a trampoline park. Trampoline handball and basketball are two fun and unique sports that most people will consider doing at least once

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