About Playgrounds...

We design for kids and adults; softplays, ninja kids, trampoline parks, challenge trampoline, challenge climbing, ninja course, all kinds of playgrounds and so on... When we design all this it's becoming with passion and fun.

Let's look at the meaning of design; decide upon the look and functioning of (a building, garment, or other objects), by making a detailed drawing of it. Yes, we are but with some differences. In the very first place, safety is so important for us. So, because of this, we design with safety rules. We think of ourselves inside that design and how we can have fun with safety. Then we flow with creativity for you.

Details of safety issues, colors, images, decors, flooring, types of furniture, etc. make a combination of design. Also, your area plan, the capacity of your area of maximum usage, the needs of your games, and giving the best suitable capacity with the entertainment of your area plan. From you is just we need your plan, exact measurements of the area. Height and measurements of your area plan are so important to us so we can design very productively. All of this work, for you to have your area in the best design, capacity, and be budget-friendly. You will have the exact need for softplays, trampoline parks, or playgrounds.

We all have fun designing and love it! This passion will always make us ahead to create limitlessly...

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