Indoor Playgrounds

Competitive Gaming System: The C-Run system is an exciting gaming system that encourages competition in a gaming area.
Start Your Own Timer: Users can start their own timers by simply pressing a button to enter the course. This allows each user to personalize their gaming experience.
Completion Times for the Course: When users complete the course and press the exit button, their completion times are automatically displayed on the score table. This records the performance of every player and makes it comparable.
Challenge Your Opponents: The C-Run system allows users to challenge other players or themselves. Whoever completes the course faster or achieves a better time takes the lead, enhancing the competition.
Customizable Experience: The C-Run system allows users to customize their gaming experience according to their preferences. It is suitable for anyone who wants to track their times, improve themselves, or compete with friends.
Fun and Exciting: C-Run offers a fun and exciting gaming experience in the gaming area. As users speed through the course, competition and entertainment come together.
Easy to Use: The C-Run system provides a simple and user-friendly interface. It is accessible and easily understandable for people of all ages.
Social Interaction: While using C-Run to compete with friends or other players, it also provides opportunities for social interaction and sharing.

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