Indoorix Entrance Software System

Indoor Playgrounds

User-Friendly Interface: Enables your customers to easily log in.
QR Code Registration: A smoother experience.
Operator Panel: Facilitates control of your gaming area with customer occupancy management.
Customer Information Panel: Allows you to easily track your customers' usage times.
Editable User Agreement & Quick Sign: You can edit your terms of use and obtain user agreement approvals more quickly.
Language Support: Provides the option to use in many different languages.
Offline Usage: Allows you to continue using it even when you're not online.
Admin Panel: Provides easy access and editing opportunities.
Mobile App: You can take reservations and promote your actions more easily.
Quick Customer Registration: Facilitates easy and fast customer communication.
Contactless Entry: Provides touchless entry with a QR code.
Customer Analysis: You can segment customers and discover your potential target audience.
Online Reservations and Promotions: Makes it faster and more efficient to take reservations and manage promotions.

Entrance Software: Easily Manage Your Indoor Play Areas and Increase Reservations!

In today's rapidly changing world, businesses need to keep up with technology to maintain a competitive advantage. "Entrance Software," developed by our software engineers with this fundamental desire in mind, will be your essential ally! This innovative software, which helps you manage indoor play areas more efficiently, enhances your customers' experience with a QR code-based online reservation system. It allows you to perform tasks such as time tracking, approval of area rules, guardian information, guardian approval, QR code reservations, and similar operations more quickly and effectively in a digital environment.

Why "Entrance Software"?

User-Friendly Interface: With an easily understandable and user-friendly interface, it ensures that your staff quickly learns the system and enables you to smoothly and efficiently run your business. QR Code Reservations: Your customers can easily make reservations for indoor play areas with QR codes. This reduces wait times and increases customer satisfaction. Customer Occupancy Management: It has an advanced system for tracking the occupancy status of your indoor play areas and managing reservations. Ease of Customer Communication: By making it easy to track your customers' usage times, you can receive instant notifications to interact with your customers and thereby make capacity management more effective.

For Whom?

Indoor Play Areas Entertainment Centers Sports Facilities Activity Centers Family Entertainment Centers, etc. can be used effectively and efficiently in terms of customer and area management.

"Entrance Software" helps you manage your indoor play areas more efficiently, increase reservations, and improve the customer experience. Get to know "Entrance Software" to stand out in this competitive industry and take your business into the future!

For more information, please contact our expert sales team. Start maximizing the potential and efficiency of your business!

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