Air Labyrinth

Indoor Playgrounds

Product Highlights
» Easy to install-
Tubes, panels, and electricity-blowing engine come up to you as a ready product.

» Features and advantages
-Nonstop playing kids flow(Profitability)
-Most popular ball pool activity(Extraordinary)
-Explain to kids how the engine blows the ball as a physical lesson.
» Dimensions:
270 CM(L) 250CM (H)
Note: It is a minimum size however, it is adjustable to extend regarding your area.
» Warranty:
1 year on electronic engine
2 years on all other parts.

Air Labyrinth allows children to have a fun time. A visual feast emerges as the colorful balls pass through the transparent tunnels. Air Labyrinth is a fun way to learn physics for kids. The balls caught in the air stream from the entrance of the air tunnels are carried by the airstream along the tunnel. In this way, the fun in the ball pool is doubled. Enjoyable by almost all ages, Air Labyrinth can be designed according to the available areas of your family entertainment centers. The game can be integrated into trampoline parks.

The Air Labyrinth game platform helps children socialize and be active. It encourages exercise and stimulates children's fun in soft play, promoting mental and physical health. Air Labyrinth, not only provides an activity but also attracts children.

It's possible to add an Air Labyrinth in your indoor playground, trampoline parks, or family entertainment center as an extension. Air Labyrinth is innovative for your family entertainment center.

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