Manufacturing Process of Playgrounds for Antalya Park Entertainment Centers

Manufacturing Process of Playgrounds for Antalya Park Entertainment Centers

Production of Playgrounds

Antalya Park is one of the world's leading manufacturers of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks. The company offers a wide range of play area products and project planning services to investors who want to enter the entertainment industry. This article will provide a general overview of Antalya Park's production process.

Step 1: Research and Consultancy

The first step in Antalya Park's production process is research and consultancy. Investors who want to open an entertainment center contact Antalya Park to develop their business ideas. Expert sales representatives work with investors to determine the size of the play area they want to develop.

Step 2: Design and Planning

After the size of the entertainment center is determined, Antalya Park's futuristic design team starts the project. The young team, consisting of interior designers, technical drafters, and 3D designers who are experts in their fields, work together to create a design that meets the client's demands. After the design stages are completed, the design visual materials are sent to the client, approved, revised according to their requests, and finalized.

Step 3: Cost and Details Definition

After the customer approves the design, Antalya Park's Production Resource Planning and Procurement departments define the project's cost and details. A protocol is prepared between the investor and the customer, determining the details of the processes. After signatures are obtained, 3D technical drawings are made by project engineers according to the contract terms, and the production department determines the materials to be used in the project.

Step 4: Production

The production phase starts with iron construction structures and is completed by being checked at all stages. The structures that have completed production are sent to the factory's test assembly department for testing. After being cleaned and carefully packaged for transportation, production is completed and becomes ready for logistics.

Step 5: Installation

Antalya Park's experienced technicians travel to the country where the playground is located to perform the installation process. After the product is assembled, the customer is provided with product and product maintenance information under warranty.

Step 6: Training and Completion

After installation, certificates, warning labels, technical and cleaning information, and necessary documents are delivered to the customer. A brief training on usage details and safety measures is provided, and the project is completed. Antalya Park continues to collaborate with its customers on post-sales support and warranty services. Working on multiple projects with the same investors, Antalya Park strives to provide "safe entertainment for everyone" in line with its mission.

Playground Manufacturer

As a result, Antalya Park has a comprehensive and systematic production process for creating indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, and almost every kind of play area. The company's expert team works closely with its customers to ensure their requests are met and that the final product is of high quality. Antalya Park's commitment to post-sales support and warranty services sets it apart from other manufacturers in the industry, making it a leader in the sector.