AntalyaPark Manufacturing Process

AntalyaPark Manufacturing Process

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Influenced by the wide target audience and market demand opportunities in the entertainment world, investors are looking for a place in the high-attractive entertainment industry. As a first step, Investors start researching on the internet to develop their business idea. In the second step, research preferences in general are to examine the actions of family entertainment center manufacturers. Being sure of their business ideas, investors contact AntalyaPark, one of the world’s best and biggest trampoline park and indoor playground manufacturer company. The process is initiated by our sales representatives based on the business idea and the area’s dimensions, where the investors want to develop the family entertainment center, are requested.

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Our futuristic design team, consisting of interior architects, technical drawings and 3D designers, starts their drawings according to the demands of our sales specialists and our customer. After the designs are completed, the family entertainment center industrial designs are sent to the customer, revised and finalized according to the customer's demands. After the approval of the Project’s design by the customer, the project’s cost and details are defined by Manufacturing Resource Planning and Purchasing departments. After the project price’s approval,  3D technical drawings are carried out by project engineers according to the terms of the contract. The production department determines the materials and enters the project production line with the purchasing process.

The production phase comes, which starts with steel construction structures and followed by test assembly, then the production is completed.
Considering the hygienic standards, the products are cleaned and carefully packaged, and delivered to the transport units.
In order to proceed by the installation, our technicians goes to the country where the entertainment center is located, according to the opening schedule determined by our customer, and the assembly processes are provided and delivered ready for opening.
After assembly, product and product maintenance pieces of information are sent to our customers within the scope of warranty.
The project is completed by delivering the certificate, warning signs, technical and cleaning information, and necessary documents to the customer.

Last but not least, the cooperation between our customers and our company continues with after-sales support and warranty services.