Product Highlights
» Intense Teamwork Challenges
Work as a team to hit your opponents’ light-up interactive targets, whilst defending your own.Score points every time you hit a target -accuracy and agility are key!

» Dramatic & Eye Catching
Illuminate your Dodgeball court with1m back-lit targets, a gigantic new scoreboard and stunning sound system.It’s Dodgeball like never before.

» Highly Responsive Design
Targets have been designed to register hits even on the fringes of the targets. Whether it’s a slam shot or an underarm dribbler, the hit registers along with a flash and sound effect.

» Compatible
Can be retro-fitted in any Dodgeball court with simple mountings and straight forward connections - in a single day. Choose anything from a 2-target toan 8-target system.

» Durable
The targets are robust, bulletproof and backed up by a 12-month full service warranty.