Product Highlights

»Competitive & Motivational

The CardioWall FreeStyle Duo tests reaction speed, visual alertness, hand-eye coordination and jumping accuracy. Players score points with every correct hit, competing individually,or directly against another player to build a huge score (and bragging rights)!

»Eye-catching & Unique

With fully customisable graphics, theFreeStyle Duo is guaranteed to create a buzz and make your trampoline centre stand out.

»Competitive Challenge

The game play challenge of beating your own score or getting to the top of a leaderboard ensures more excited customers, encourages positive interaction with staff, and stimulates repeat visits to the centre.

»Make It Social

Players love to see their successes on social media – perfect for reposting and re-tweeting.»DurableEach CardioWall FreeStyle is designed to be robust and offer trouble-free operation. Bullet-proof and easy swap-out LED pods and indestructible body-shell.Extended warranty options available