Frequently Asked Questions for Trampoline Park Manufacturer

Yes this is very new trend. First Trampoline Park installed in 2014. It is a new and rising trend. You can now easily find a Trampoline park manufacturer in the market.

Because trampoline is worlds one of the joyful sport activity. You can entertain while sporting in trampoline parks. And most attractive point is that it is an activity that adults and kids can do together. It is a family activity.

Yes. Investors earn good money from Trampoline Park. If you setup a 1500sqm soft play and use 20% percent of your capacity you can earn 1.3million USD only from Trampoline Park. With cafe income total income may reach 1.5million yearly.

Trampoline parks income completely depends on the selected area, capacity usage etc. To ask more about it you may contact with us.

Yes we can help you about these points. Infact you may check our trampoline park feasibility page to make a small start.

Trampoline Park Manufacturer- Antalya’s trampoline parks comply with ASTM F2970-15, EN-13219, PAS 5000.

Yes. When we finish installation we give education to the staff of our customer. We give working manual to find answer for all your questions in the future. Infact you can ask us any time in the future.

Normally our production time is around 4-5 days. But because of recent works delivery may be around 4-6 weeks. But this will completely depends on the area and equipments. Please ask exact delivery before you decide.