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We are a professional manufacturer of premium quality indoor playgrounds and soft play supplier from Turkey. If you have a possibility to visit Turkey, we can show you our production. In fact, we can show you 2-3 years old installation that are still looking like new. All products pictures below are out of Photoshop.  You can see our quality from our shiny products surfaces. We use 1st class polyethilene plastics which are manufactured in aluminium molds. All have perfect surfaces. Long slides are manufactured from multi layered polyester and pannels wrapped with a PVC - 650gr/m2. Digital printings are EU based products. They have high resistance and perfect appearance. These all results a good qualitied soft play playground.

Soft Play Supplier
Soft Play Supplier

1. Safety

2. Attractive apperance

3. Long period of usage

4. Competetive price

Please look at our installed indoor playground photos.

All playground projects are designed to achieve  maximum joy and fun of children. If they like your playground they will visit your store frequently so you will  earn more money. That's why  our designers are continuously creating different and exciting playgrounds.

Our digital printings are so attractive for kids! We create 3D shapes by using MDF, sponge and PVC. We apply theme figures on the playground. We use European digital printings that are resistent and doesn't loose their colour even after years.

We have a young and powerfull design team. We can make designs that can meet all our customers expections. Please tell us your dreams and we are here to make your dreams come true.

As you probably know, Europen manufacturer's prices are so high and Chinese quality is so low. This is a very big problem in softplay industry. Antalya Park's products are the solution of this general problem. We are a  manufacturer of premium quality indoor playgrounds and soft play supplier that offers products as qualitied as europeans but economical as chinese.

Parents prefer our products for their safety, because our professional engineers test all products manufactured at our factory. Every detail is checked regarding to EN 1176 Safety Standards. In our soft systems kids are our of risk of being injured by running or dropping. Every detail is carefully checked and additionaly we make a installation test before shiping.

If you have chance to visit Turkey we can show you 2-3 years old soft play systems which seems like still new. In fact we install some systems for outdoor usage in Antalya. Our products have good resistence to the sunlight.

For  more information about our products do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always happy to give the necessary assistance to our customers.

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