Indoor Playground Manufacturer

Indoor Playground Manufacturer

Antalya Park is a leading indoor playground manufacturer company in Turkey. We produce too many different commercial playground products like climbing walls, adventure parks, trampolines, trampoline parks and interactive toys mechanically or electrically operated.

We have 2 production plant in Antalya City and Bursa City.

Our products are installed  in more than 20 countries. We are looking for realiable resellers all over the world. 

We have no limits in terms of design and manufacturing abilities. We can create designs that can meet all our customers expections. Please tell us your dreams and we are here to make your dreams come true.

A well  known reality of playground industry is that Europen manufacturers prices are so high and Chinese quality is so low. This is a very big problem in our indurstry. Our company's products are the soluton of this general problem. We manufacture the items using economical Turkish raw materials, which are  as qualitied as Europens but as cheap as Chinese. This allows us to supply our customers high quality products with economical prices

If you have a chance to visit Turkey, we can show you 2-3 years old soft play systems which seems like they are new. We have installed also in Antalya some systems for outdoor usage. 

Most of the biggest Turkish shopping centers, restaurants, premium  hotels are using our indoor playgrounds.

Turkish customers don't prefere to buy neither Europen, nor Chinese playgrounds. 95% of the Turkish clients choice Turkish softplay manufacturer's goods because of these advantages.  Our company is the biggest one in Turkey.  In Turkey, 60-70% of big size installed systems are manufactured by our group of companies.

Soft play equipment manufacturing starts with digital projecting. Firstly, we are drawing a 3D design for our customer's areas as follows. After projecting we start the manufacturing process. We have an experienced manufacturing team that is able to produce any special design project successfully.

After manufacturing process we proceed to installation. Our team provide  installation service all over the world. For big size playgrounds price of installation service is included in the offer. 

Thanks to the goelogical location of Turkey we can ship our products with advantageous freight costs to Europe and Middle East. For example, 70 m3 truck loads (40'' full container) freight cost is 1500 USD to Iraq, 1650€ to Eastern Europe countries. (August 2016 prices). And we can send our goods by truck which is more much faster than sea way. If we load goods  to Bulgaria, our customer gets goods next day or maximum two days later. This is a very big advantage.

Indoor Playground Manufacturer
Indoor playground manufacturer

Antalya Park is the leading manufacturer of indoor playground systems in Antalya/Turkey. Our company produces premium quality indoor play systems (Soft Play Playgrounds, Ball Pools, Trampolines). We are looking for realible resellers all over the world.

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