Indoor Trampoline Manufacturer

Our company is a leading Indoor trampoline manufacturer and Indoor trampoline park manufacturer company in Antalya/Turkey. All our trampolines and their equipment are manufactured in conformity with the international quality and safety standards.

We can manufacture indoor trampoline parks for adults and kids. We can also put some other systems inside of the trampoline parks. For example, we can add basketball hoop or we can add dodge ball systems to play team games on trampoline parks.

Apart from trampoline manufacturer, we are also a supplier of equipment like fabric, spring and trampoline socks. We can also sell these items as wholesale too. Please contact us for additional informations..

Trampolines are very exciting activities for both adults and kids. All our trampolines can carry a person with weight of 150kg. Junior trampolines (3-10 age kids’ trampolines) are cheaper than Olympics. But Olympics trampolines are able to throw higher. Their dimensions are bigger than junior trampolines. All of them can be used long years even under the sunlight.

Our systems (trampoline) are reinforced with strong steel construction inside, wrapped with cross linked polyaniline sponge layer inside and finished with shiny PVC layer - 650gr/m2.  Trampoline is completely soft inside to prevent injuries. Choosing us as your Indoor Trampoline Supplier would a great decision.

For preventing injuries, we also use mats inside of trampolines. The safety measures we take while manufacturing our products are what make us a renowned Trampoline Supplier.

Olympic trampolines are usually used by adults and junior trampolines - by children. We are able to manufacture any sizes and any kind of constructions.

Jumping on trampolines are is a useful and healthy activities, also recommended by fitness and gym trainers, it fests blood flowing, improves muscles and make your body look stronger and fit.

Olympic Trampoline - 6 Jumping Area
Olympic Trampoline - 6 Jumping Area       Indoor trampoline manufacturer.                           Indoor trampoline park manufacturer.

Our production is manufactured in accordance with European Union safety and health standards. We follow all the safety regulations and provide staff training service to our customers. For trampoline parks we follow also EN-13219 standards. It's included not only manufacturing but also it's about environmental requirement like ventilation, entrance-exit location, fire precautions, height of ceiling etc. We also can provide all necessary information to operate a trampoline park entertainment center and train your staff. Our professional production and installation team can easily handle this process. Also, we give consultancy about periodic maintenance because your team have to control weekly and monthly some important points about Trampoline Park. Once you approach us, you will realize why we are a reputed Indoor Trampoline Manufacturer.

If you want more information about our indoor trampolines and Trampoline Park feel free to contact us.

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