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Antalya Park New Trampoline Park Project In Czechia – Plzen

  Antalya Park installed a trampoline park project in Czechia - Plzen. Trampoline park included 2 foam pits, 2 basketball hoops, adult trampoline area and kids trampoline area around 400m2. Customized design has made according to ASTM standard. Our production and installation comply ASTM F2970-15 and EN-13219 standards for trampoline parks.

  Trampoline park business is growing in Europe too and our products comply all European safe and quality standards. Below you can find 3D design and installed trampoline park images.


trampoline park algeria tunusia and morocco

Algeria, Morocco, Tunisa Trampoline Park and Soft Play Installation

Algeria, Morocco and Tunisa is new countries for trampoline park installation. These 3 countries are good market for an investor. Because they have young population. And this young population is good customer source.

Trampoline park is a healthy and joyfull activity. You can do sport while entertaining. And the most important point is you can do this activity with your partner and kids.

We manufacture our goods comply with ASTM F2970-15, EN1176 and PAS 5000:2017. All designs calculated statically. We have a young but well experienced design and manufacturing team. 

Our factory located in Antalya City of Turkey. And Antalya is Worlds one of the best touristic place. Blue sea and good nature city. If you want to visit our factory you can do a small holiday in Antalya. We can help you to organise this small holiday. We can take you from air port and show you our production facilities. And we can help you for your hotel transfers.

Algeria Morocco and Tunisia is good locations for trampoline park and soft play installation. 

Please call us to get more information +90 242 462 16 00


Romania Soft Play and Trampoline Park Installation in Bucharest and Constanta

We did project more than 20 different customers in Romania. Some of them are in Bucharest, some in Constanta. We have too many happy customers. Our products quality is so high and our prices are reasonable. Because of these advantages our products sold more than 20 Romanian customers.

Lebanon – Beirut Soft Play and Trampoline Park Installation

Lebanon - Beirut Soft Play and Trampoline Park Installation

We finished installation succesfuly in Lebanon - Beirut. Our client create a big entertainment center with indoor soft play, trampolines, inflatable slides and outdoor playground.

Hope it would bring lots of fun and happiness to the kids.

Worlds Most Successfull Trampoline Court Manufacturer Antalya Park

Antalya Park Ltd is located in Turkey and manufactures premium grade trampoline courts in its factory. Its products comply with ASTM F2970-15 and PAS 5000:2017 and can be shipped and installed all over the world.


Custom design trampoline court manufacturer.

All raw materials have test certificates that show no harmfull contents inside. And all raw materials are flame retardent. We can do any design that meet our customer demands. We can apply any collor and any digitals on the playgrounds.

Antalya Park is custom design trampoline court manufacturer in Antalya City of Turkey. To see our products quality you may visit our trampoline court manufacturer factory. If you plan a visit we can take you from air port and can show our production facilities. Our factory is so close to Antalya Airport.

And there  are so many perfect quality hotels in Antalya. Maybe you can make a short vacation and can see our production plant.

Please call us for further details. +90 242 462 16 00