Moldova Chisinau Trampoline Park and Soft Play Installation

Moldova Trampoline Park and Soft Play  Installation at Chisinau.

We are too happy that we created the biggest entertainment center  in Moldova Chisinau! Moldova trampoline park is the first in country. Our customer launched the biggest indoor playground in their country. It's included many activities like indoor soft play, trampoline park, inflatable playground, climbing wall, adventure park and other amazing activities for kids. We hope that our playgrounds will bring so much happiness to the children there.
You can find below a presentation video of our customer's entertainment center.

Lebanon – Beirut Soft Play Installation

Lebanon - Beirut Soft Play Installation We finished installation succesfuly in Lebanon - Beirut. Our client create a big entertainment center with indoor soft play, trampolines, inflatable slides and outdoor playground. Hope it would bring lots of fun and happiness to the kids.

Erbil Soft Play Installation – The Biggest Entertainment Center in Iraq

We created most famous entertainment center for kids in Iraq - Erbil city. There are lots of enjoyable activities, soft play playground, trampolines and climbing walls. Erbil soft play center brings too much happiness to kids and make us honored.
You can find below some videos from our client's playground.